The perfect combination of artisan tradition of Italian design and technological innovation excellence

Engineering of tallor-made dreams

Custom solutions for upmarket needs.

Pad Project operates in the field of contract and luxury. We use advanced technologies in the Italian and international markets.
We are one of the few Italian companies to routinely adopt the 3D laser scanning technology to devise naval tailor-made furniture, joining craftsmanship, expertise, technology and passion.
It is the collaboration between carpenters, designers, engineers and many other important figures that gives each individual project can become history.
Today the nautical world goes beyond the boundaries of architecture. In fact, the architectural design is used as a starting point, on which are then skillfully developed 3D models of the highest quality furniture. Our design concept is based on the desire to bet the max on the concept of prototype, which faithfully represents all the dimensional characteristics, quality and performance that the finished product must have.

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The Difference is in the Details

look at all our new procedures


Every day we improve our products. We analyze and seek new construction solutions and products to recommend to our customers better

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The contract and the nautical contract in particular, are areas in which the speed of execution and the rapidity in incorporating the needs of the client

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Information is everything. Knowing how to manage efficiently and systematically with the customer and co-workers among us is without doubt one of the most effective weapons nosre.

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The Features That Make It Unique